December 19, 2017 Mellisa McColley

Nice or Naughty? Belted or Not?


Which list are you on? By now you’ve heard the reasons why buckling up is not just a good idea, it likely would save your life in a crash. But there are always those few out there who simply refuse to listen to either the law or common sense.

We know it’s the holidays and everyone wants to be upbeat, but we’re going to be blunt about this. While there are several factors involved in the larger-than-usual loss of life, approximately 47 percent of the people who died might have been saved with one simple click of a seat belt.

Sure, there are crashes that are so severe that nothing could have helped, but luckily they are relatively rare. It’s the moderate-impact crashes where people were killed because they bounced around in the vehicle or were ejected that are so bothersome, because those deaths are easily preventable.

It comes down to you. Would it kill you to take three seconds to buckle up? It certainly might if you don’t.

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