June 26, 2019 Kym Graves

BLOG – The Dangers of Lightning

It’s National Lightning Safety Awareness Week and the summer storm season is heating up! The Selmon Extension construction team has a safety plan in place in case of a severe lightning storm:

  • Identify at least one person to monitor storms when working on an outdoor job site.
  • Have a plan to quickly notify all people working outside when lightning is within striking distance of six miles.
  • Communicate where it is safe to be during a thunderstorm.  No place outside is safe. When lightning is in the area STOP what you are doing and seek safety in a building, or a vehicle.
  • Stay off and away from anything tall or high, including rooftops, scaffolding, utility poles, and ladders.
  • Stay off and away from large equipment such as dozers, cranes, backhoes, track loaders, and tractors.  Keep in mind that tower crane operators may need additional warnings in order to be able to climb down from the tower crane.
  • Do not touch materials or surfaces that can conduct electricity, including metal scaffolding, metal equipment, utility lines, water, water pipes, and plumbing.
  • Stay undercover until 30 minutes after the last strike that was within the six-mile range.

The number one safety tip for everyone is to get inside as soon as you hear thunder.

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