September 14, 2020 Kym Graves

BLOG – National Construction Safety Week

(Photo: Kiewit Casting Yard May 2019)

Every year, the Selmon West Extension primary contractor, Kiewit, along with countless other construction companies hosts “National Construction Safety Week” to refocus and reenergize efforts to help eliminate accidents on the job site. The event is usually held every year during the first week in May but the COVID-19 pandemic postponed it. Here on the Extension project, the safety of the crews and the traveling public are Kiewit’s number one priority. Their commitment to safety and pursuit of “Nobody Gets Hurt” is defined by executing safety fundamentals including:

  • Routine training
  • Site-specific orientations and training
  • Hazard analyses
  • Project safety inspection tours and assessments
  • Extreme reporting of incidents of any nature
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