March 19, 2018 Mellisa McColley

Blog – Material Handling Equipment – Cranes

The crane is one very useful construction machine that can be found at every construction site, and can be used for different purposes. The capability to raise and lower different kinds of loads and to move them horizontally, is the reason cranes are widely used machines. You will likely see cranes on Gandy Boulevard in about a year.

This machine got the name ‘crane‘ because it resembles, in shape and structure, the well-known tall long-legged and long-necked bird that has the same name – Crane. These birds are larger when compared with other birds and inhabit every continent except Antarctica and South America. They are also the tallest flying living birds in the world.

People, since ancient times, have used different kinds of machines or devices to lift very heavy loads or materials. The very first human-made crane which was mainly used in the construction process for lifting heavy materials, was invented by the ancient Greeks. By studying the Greek architecture that dates back to 500 BC, the archaeologists from all around the world have found enough evidence to conclude that, for the construction of the ancient wonders, like the Greek Parthenon, a machine like cranes were used.

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