July 2, 2018 Kym Graves

Blog – How prepared are you for Hurricane season?

Hurricane season is here!  From June 1 to November 30, we Floridians should keep on alert!

The Extension project team is all about safety and we follow state-approved polices to keep our community safe – and to minimize damage to structures and equipment.

When there is a Hurricane Alert, the team follows its approved procedures to secure or remove items such as traffic barrels, barricades, temporary signage and any other objects that strong winds may carry off.

We’ve also been stocking up on emergency supplies, including batteries, flashlights, and rain gear. We’re making sure that equipment such as trucks, cranes and portable pumps and generators are fueled and working properly in case they need to be used in emergency situations.

You can do the same!  For more information on Hurricane preparedness tips click here:  https://www.tampa-xway.com/hurricane-season-preparations/

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